Typography Project

This spread is once again for the local advocacy magazine The Fine Print. It is the first two pages of an article titled “Band of Sisters,” which follows the creation of a local grassroots collective called Gainesville Grrrls. The group was formed in the wake of the sexual assaults that occurred near or on the University of Florida’s campus in early fall of 2014. The group hopes to provide a safe space for women to protect themselves and feel protected.
For this project, I chose to make the title large and imposing as a way to imply the group’s sense of power and agency it hopes to impress on all women. To play with this idea, I chose to use a pink- and mauve-based palette. Pairing the two together — power and pink — hopefully married the ideas of feminism and internalized agency. In order to include the trans- and queer-identified folks who are also welcome within the group, I chose to use not only the classical “female” symbol, but riffs off of it, combining the “male” and “female” to show a between-sex, or a transitioning from one sex to the other.
I chose to attribute the spread in the footer to  “Activism Monthly,” because the spread was not actually used in the magazine. However, this layout design continues the theme of providing bold, evocative designs for activist causes.

Click here for spread.



Here is the header image I worked with to create the spread. I cut off the top part to make room for the headline, and then scattered many of these symbols throughout the text. You can see faint outlines of the symbol in the background to give the banner texture and less blank between the symbols. 


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